March 21, 2012

Vintage stamps

I am a little obsessed with stamps (of the postage kind) at the moment. More specifically, vintage stamps. How sweet and romantic posting letters used to be...with lots of little stamps all over the envelope, 'air mail' stickers and lovely post marks. I think it's a little sad this has been lost to electronic post marks, and let's face it: ordinary designed stamps. I'd like to come out with my own postage stamp range! Australia Post...are you listening?

Anyway, until that day, I will continue to swoon over lovely old postage stamps.

I just finished making our Save The Date cards for our wedding, and decided it would be lovely to find some old postage stamps to adorn my envelopes. They are a little hard to come by (those not used, that is) but I was lucky to find some cuties...

Oh, and here are our save the dates! I made a rubber stamp for the text and border to give it a nice hand-printed feel. Silly me forgot to put 'invitation to follow' on the cards, so I added this as an extra little embellishment!



  1. Love your save the date cards - gorgeous! And well done finding those vintage stamps. Beautiful. I think Australia Post should definitely commission a series from you - I wouldn't like to send them off to someone else on an envelope though - I'd have to keep them for myself!

  2. Those are so great! How did you make them?

    On the stamp thing, I have 3 huge books of special issue stamps. My grandmother bought me a set every months for years. I think they're in the attic. At least I hope they are so my kids can see them.

  3. Lovely blog, you make really nice stuff!