February 12, 2012

Rue Cler Market: food tasting!

My boy and I were treated last week, to an amazing tasting session thanks to Rue Cler Market, a boutique catering company in Melbourne run by very experienced and talented chefs. We had almost locked in with another caterer, but these guys were late entrants into the race. Still yet to make a decision, but we were very impressed with Rue Cler Market.

We felt pretty special as they came to our house to cook for us. I was a little embarrassed about our tiny cluttered kitchen, but they were very professional and seemed to not mind the 'rustic' working conditions.

David and I watched in awe as they made us the following little tasting plates:

1. A single lychee topped with shaved foie gras and a micro herb. This was amazing...the combination of the fresh lychee with the rich foie gras (which I had never had before) was awesome.

Bite number one

2. Cherry tomatoes, peeled and de-seeded on a bed of dehydrated prosciutto and toasted brioche crumbs, with a vinaigrette and baby basil. So simple, but these guys made the flavour burst at the seams. Yum!
Mouthful number two

3. I was a little scared at this one, as it involved oysters. Of which I had never tried and never intended to try before. But I held my breath and went with it. Freshly shucked oyster, quickly seared on the pan, topped with cucumber, celery, nori strands, baby radish, the juices of the oyster and amazing little succulents which tasted peppery and lovely! I even liked the oyster! These guys are miracle workers!

Tasting number three

A formal decision is still to be made on the catering, but these guys have blown us away with what they showed us the other night. It's great being able to have such talented people on hand to create fabulous food for our wedding. I'm so excited! Thanks Rue Cler Market.


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