January 12, 2012


Welcome to my new blog! Well, I am still blogging over on 'and now i am broke', but this is my little side blog which will document my journey planning my upcoming wedding.

It all starts with a ring. And what a beautiful ring it is:

My boy has lovely taste.

I love to illustrate day to day things, so this blog will feature illustrations and ideas for flower arrangements, shoes, food etc. that I am considering for my wedding. Feel free to email any ideas (or links) that you have on wedding ideas yourself...if you don't mind me including in this little blog and possibly illustrating!



  1. Happiness! So following your planning and sketches! Yay x

  2. Hey Daniella, have you seen the FRANKIE 41 issue? It's got an article about 4 DIY different weddings. I think it may provide some nice inspiration :)

  3. Oh yes I have! They are so lovely. Such great inspiration. I also found a great magazine called 'White' - it's like Frankie...but for weddings :-)